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‘Developers worked faster in 2021’

‘Developers worked faster in 2021’

Developers finished their projects faster in the past year. This is one of the conclusions of GitHub’s annual review of developments on its platform.

The annual State of the Octoverse report for 2021 shows developers were able to deliver their code faster, regardless of where and how they carried out their work. The study found that, despite the continuous influence of the pandemic, developers continued to work, generated code steadily, accelerated their projects and collaborated with each other.

Goals achieved faster

More specifically, GitHub researchers indicate that code goals are being reached faster. Developers have increasingly efficient review frameworks at their disposal and code up to 87 percent faster through code reuse and toolchains.

Automation is becoming more common, which caused the number of merged GitHub pull requests to increase by 36 percent and the number of merge timeframes to decrease by 33 percent.

The most commonly used programming languages are Python and Java. As for the latter, TypeScript is particularly popular.

Automation for productivity growth

The researchers also looked at how programmers performed their work in the past year. Most of the projects are still performed in remote or hybrid ways. A large number of the programmers interviewed expect that the trend will continue.

When working remotely, developers are facilitated by proper documentation and automation. According to GitHub, well-maintained Read-Me’s, guidelines and repositories help developers gain up to 50 percent more productivity.

Automation helps increase productivity by 43 percent in proprietary software development environments. For open-source software development environments, automation helps increase productivity by 27 percent.

Mentoring and coaching

The researchers also found that developers benefit most from mentorships and welcoming communities. This is especially true for open-source developers. They indicate that their productivity increased by 46 percent due to mentoring and coaching.