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The all-new version of Kubermatic’s KubeOne offering comes with numerous features to simplify configuration management. It focuses on facilitating CSI or CCm migration with Nutanix support, unlike its previous updates.

KubeOne 1.4 is an open-source program designed to computerize the cluster management and deployment on your choice of environments such as edge, cloud, or on-prem.

The new version, 1.4, presents a whole new KubeOneCluster comprising innovative improvements and features. For instance, the ContainerRuntime feature is best for running an offline structure configuration.

It allows users to incorporate modern configuration methods while preventing Docker Hub frequency perimeters. Not only this, KubeOne 1.4 offers customizable Kubelet settings, including file size and resource reservation.

Users can also quickly move to the updated version without any additional commands; all it involves is running the ‘KubeOne Config Migrate’ command within the current manifest.

Extensive functionality and experimental support

Now users can experience a new level of functionality with the Kubermatic Machine Controller, which also offers experimental OSM (Operating System Manager) support, unlike its previous versions.

All configurations are generated and managed by the OSM, which breaks the structures of the operating system into smaller but dedicated resources.

These configurations clusters include Kubernetes and worker nodes, improving modularity and maintenance of the system. Moreover, it offers top-notch Cilium CNI support and Hubble networking.

Cilium CNI aims to deliver the best collaborative augmentations, project incubation, and enhanced security. It also offers superior network connectivity between cloud-native and workload containers. KubeOne is committed to refining the user experience with Cilium, which is why it offers the inclusion of Hubble. And this integration allows users to scrutinize network and security without compromising transparency.