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Python Software Foundation is working on a paid version of PyPi, the official Python package repository. The organization confirmed the news in a job posting for two developers expected to create the paid system.

Currently, PyPi is free. Hundreds of thousands of Python developers use the repository to find and download packages. Python packages are similar to libraries. Some packages are complimentary, other packages have a price, but the repository is accessible to everyone. That appears to be changing soon.

Python is looking for two developers to develop a paid system for PyPi. The new system will allow organizations to create a corporate account. The corporate account allows multiple teams and employees to manage packages simultaneously. Organizations pay a monthly fee to use the account.

The paid version is not a replacement for the current, free version of PyPi. The free repository remains available. Paid users can manage multiple packages with multiple team members through a single account. Free users cannot.

In addition to account management, the Python Software Foundation is considering additional features for paid users. Details are unknown at this time. The organization emphasizes that future features will be developed in consultation with the community.

For hire

Interested developers can sign up for the project. The Python Software Foundation expects the project to cost 560 hours per developer. Both developers will receive a compensation of $98,000 (€86,500).