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Microsoft released the official version of TypeScript 4.6. The introduction brings new functionality and numerous fixes.

TypeScript 4.6 adds functionality while resolving issues through internal refactoring. The fixes improve type-checking performance by up to 3 percent.

A bug concerning constructors was resolved. Furthermore, the new release allows code to be run prior to ‘super()’ while ensuring that ‘super()’ occurs at the top level before being referenced.

New capabilities

New functionality includes the ability to declare a signature with a ‘discriminated union of tuples’ rest parameter. Among other things, this changes the compilation of strings. Additionally, it’s now possible to zoom in on dependent parameters.

Other functionality

Furthermore, object rests now drop unspreadable members of a general object. JavaScript files will now always receive grammatical and binding errors, as described in the release’s first and second pull requests.

Meanwhile, Microsoft rolled several ideas for version 4.7, the first-next release of the programming language.