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Zoho updated its low-code Creator Platform with new functionality. The update should further simplify app development and deployment.

The Zoho Creator Platform offers a broad range of functionality for integrations, application development and analytics at various skill levels.

The newest version introduces Unified Solution Builder, allowing development and management tasks from a single dashboard. The tool features a variety of solutions and capabilities, enabling the creation of enterprise-wide application development programs. In turn, these programs enable employees to develop applications without IT departments intervening.

In addition, new AI functionality improves the efficiency of data imports. Furthermore, the Process Blueprinting tool allows users to create simple graphical replicas of business processes. The Zoho Creator Platform also offers additional serverless capabilities, including code storage for reuse.

Other functionality includes Unified Data Modeling (UDM), an Integration Status Dashboard and a built-in BI and analytics engine.

Tweaking live apps

Finally, the Zoho Creator Platform now allows you to quickly toggle between applications in production and development, allowing developers to add and change functionality without disrupting live apps.

The latest version of the Zoho Creator Platform is available immediately.