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GitHub increases Codespaces experience while working with mono-repo and multi-repository developments.

GitHub recently announced new enhancements that streamline and simplify Codespaces usage – a service providing developers with easy on-demand access to secure development settings running a codebase on the remote server –  while working with mono-repo and multi-repository developments.

About Codespaces

GitHub released Codespaces so they can solve cloud-native apps housed inside a singular repository which is the most popular and increasingly common kind of GitHub project. 

For those developing features that span over a wide range of services, it allows the users a chance to configure permissions codespaces must have on formation.

This is mainly because users won’t have to configure “Personal Acess Token (PAT)” within their codespaces to create or clone pull requests to other kinds of repositories.

Moreover, developers can identify repository permission in the “devcontainer.json” within “customizations.codespaces.repositories” so that software developers will prompt for the correct permission sets when working on various projects.

What GitHub has to say       

Within their blog post, GitHub wrote:

“We also want to ensure that we continue to provide the ease of environment creations through simple one-click experiences that don’t require you to spend undue time understanding various configuration options.”

In this blog, they further state:

 “However, if you need more flexibility, we’ve created a new advanced create flow for Codespaces that allows you to select various options, such as branch, region, machine type, and dev container configuration while creating your codespace.”

What repository administrators will be able to do

Repository administrators could create several “devcontainers,” with setup scripts, codespace configurations, and permission sets for specific teams with the latest features and improvements.

Apart from that, software developers may also benefit from selecting the perfect devcontainer, region, and machine type during codespace formation with an advanced flow when needed.