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Google Cloud launched Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDC Virtual), a new solution. The service brings cloud-based development platform Anthos to on-premises environments.

Google Distributed Cloud solutions are used to move customers’ software stacks from public cloud environments to their own data centers and on-premises environments. In this way, they can fully benefit from on-premises applications that also offer public cloud versions. This is particularly useful for customers that cannot bring certain applications to cloud environments for security, compliance and governance reasons.

GDC Virtual is the newest addition to the Google Distributed Cloud portfolio. The solution brings cloud-based development platform Anthos to on-premises environments. The service runs on top of Kubernetes and allows users to build and run applications at a location of choice.


The service helps deploy Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters on virtual machines and bare metal infrastructure. The Google Cloud Console allows Anthos clusters to be provisioned through vSphere. Customers can also build and deploy container workloads directly on Kubernetes. Furthermore, federated security and identity management are supported throughout the GDC Virtual environment. A key use case is the modernization of legacy applications.

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