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The solution aims to help developers create, manage and run end-to-end tests for web applications.

This week Datadog announced the general availability of Datadog Continuous Testing. The new product provides a full suite of test automation services to help engineering teams create, run and remediate test results more quickly, the company said.

Complex use cases in modern applications have made it time-consuming for engineers to write, run and manage software tests, resulting in slow release cycles. Datadog Continuous Testing provides a complete testing workbench that simplifies test creation and maintenance to speed up running tests. Engineers can create tests right from the UI without scripting, run tests in parallel and integrate with popular CI tools so that tests become a part of existing CI processes.

“Creating and running end-to-end tests today is a time-consuming and error-prone process that many teams struggle with as they scale”, said Renaud Boutet, SVP of Product at Datadog. “This impacts release velocity as engineers need wide test coverage in order to safely deploy new code in production while avoiding regressions.”

“On top of this, teams need tests to be fast and resilient, otherwise developers start to avoid the CI so that they can ship code faster. Continuous Testing solves this problem by giving engineers a platform to quickly create, run and manage their tests in one place.”

A suite of key features to help developers

Key features of Datadog Continuous Testing include:

  • No-Code Test Creation: using a no-code recorder, any team member can simply click through their application—just as a user would—to create end-to-end tests.
  • Parallel Testing: run multiple automated tests simultaneously to reduce testing time.
  • Self-Healing Capabilities: tests automatically track UI changes in an application and adjust to changes with no user intervention.
  • Failure Troubleshooting: when used with Datadog APM and Real User Monitoring, users can drill down into backend traces and session replay to pinpoint the root cause of failures.
  • CI Tools Integration: out-of-the-box integrations with top CI providers, including GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Circle CI, and Jenkins, mean that teams can leverage Continuous Testing with their existing technology stack.

Datadog Continuous Testing is now generally available. Pricing details can be found here.

Tip: Datadog Database Monitoring supports SQL Server and Azure databases