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Datadog introduced Universal Service Monitoring. The solution provides companies with an overview of containerized services to detect and solve technical problems.

Container monitoring typically requires individual containers to be outfitted with instrumentation code. The code collects technical data on latency spikes, incomplete processes and other issues.

The introduction of Universal Service Monitoring allows developers to monitor containers without using instrumentation code. The capability is made possible by Datadog’s implementation of open-source technology eBPF.

This technology lets developers turn operating systems into error-detecting tools. The technology collects data on various application errors and monitors application performance.

Datadog Universal Service Monitoring

Datadog Universal Service Monitoring can monitor how many user requests are sent to an application per hour and measure the delay with which these requests are handled.

The tool can also discover problems in the data processing of applications. Insights are visualized in charts that track how key application reliability metrics change over time.

Datadog Service Catalog

Universal Service Monitoring is integrated into Datadog’s Service Catalog tool. By combining data from Universal Service Monitoring and Service Catalog, customers can accurately identify and fix application issues.

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