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Nokia and Samsung have signed a joint patent license agreement for the use of 5G technology.

Nokia said the agreement is the successor to a patent license agreement that expired in December 2022. The new agreement extends the collaboration by several years. Samsung will pay Nokia to use its 5G patents. Further agreement details were not disclosed.

Samsung and Nokia

According to Nokia, the South Korean tech giant is a loyal partner. The parties are pleased with the agreement, which is expected to benefit innovation at both firms.

Moreover, Nokia believes the deal underscores that its investments in R&D and contributions to mobile standards continue to bear fruit.

4,500 patents for 5G

Nokia has invested more than €130 billion in research since 2000, yielding some 20,000 patents, including 4,500 inventions in the field of 5G technology.

Nokia regularly contributes technologies to open standards in exchange for the right to offer them as paid licenses under so-called FRAND terms.

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