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Oracle’s public cloud environment, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and with it Oracle’s NetSuite environment were hit by prolonged outages earlier this week. In several regions, the cloud was inaccessible.

According to Oracle, the global OCI infrastructure suffered outages in several regions between Monday, Feb. 13, and Wednesday, Feb. 15. These included service outages affecting customers in North and South America, Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and the EMEA region.

Oracle says it has been able to identify the problem that caused these outages. Specifically, this involved a performance issue in the back-end infrastructure that supports the OCI Public DNS API. Due to this issue, some incoming service requests were not being handled during the downtime.

Oracle implemented a solution by applying optimizations in DNS Load Management to handle current service requests.

Issues for customers

Due to the outage, OCI customers in the affected regions experienced several problems. Customers using OCI Vault, API Gateway, Oracle Digital Assistant and OCI Search with OpenSearch received 5xx-type messages or errors. Especially for CREATE, READ, UPDATE, or DELETE management operations.

Users of DNS services could experience problems creating and changing new domains. Other problems affected end users of Email Delivery, Oracle Management Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Visual Builder Studio, and Oracle Content Management. In addition, users of the Web Application Firewall and GoldenGate solutions were also affected by the OCI outage.

NetSuite ERP hosting outage

The problems for Oracle did not just stay with OCI; its NetSuite ERP solution also experienced outages this week. The cause of this outage lay in a problem in Oracle’s Boston data center. In this data center, smoke was detected in a power supply room. The fire department responded by shutting down the power supply. Users complained on Reddit that this outage prevented them from securing Netsuite ERP data that had been added up to half an hour before the outage.

In a statement from NetSuite, which a Reddit visitor posted on the Web site, Oracle indicated that the recovery point was up to 30 minutes before the outage. This would require NetSuite to send users a summary of all transactions created during that period. The latter likely means users will have to manually check this missing data and import data into the new NetSuite ERP environments.

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