Dell introduces ObjectScale XF960 appliance for AI and analytics

Dell introduces ObjectScale XF960 appliance for AI and analytics

Dell Technologies has unveiled the new all-flash appliance ObjectScale XF960. Dell calls ObjectScale “the world’s most powerful object storage appliance custom-built on Kubernetes.”

ObjectScale is Dell’s software-defined object storage system. The company sees object storage changing very quickly, embracing it more as primary storage for demanding workloads analytics, generative AI and cloud-native application development. Dell is paying close attention to performance, allowing companies to train algorithms with more data than was previously the case.

“Today, we’re taking the ObjectScale experience to the next level by introducing the latest software innovation (ObjectScale version 1.3) as a fully integrated, turnkey solution. The new ObjectScale XF960 is a powerhouse, all-flash appliance built on a latest-generation Dell PowerEdge server,” Dell describes.


The XF960 is the first system in a series of ObjectScale X introductions. The appliance’s hardware stack consists of servers, network switches, rackmount equipment and power cables. Dell uses the NVMe-OF protocol for a 100GbE back-end network and 25GbE front-end speed. This should speed up communication between nodes and lead to high throughput.

Dell states that a cluster has a minimum of 4 nodes, although it strongly recommends 5 nodes for high-availability. The maximum of a cluster is 16 nodes. A node has a capacity of 727.28TB; per cluster, storage comes out to 11.8PB.

What else is noteworthy is that the XF960 features Duel Intel gen 4 Xeon SP processors, with 32 cores per processor. It also features 256GB of memory and 24x NVMe TLC 30.72 drives.

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