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Kyndryl will intensify its collaboration with Google Cloud, with the development of new generative AI solutions. The focus within the new collaboration will be on Google Cloud’s AI technology, focusing on the tech giant’s latest product, LLM Gemini.

Within the collaboration, Kyndryl and Google Cloud focus on four core activities. First, they offer AI and Data Foundation Advisory and Implementation Services. This includes Kyndryl’s advisory, implementation and consulting services for identifying optimal generative AI use cases and data foundations for customers. These are coupled with appropriate Google Cloud technology, such as Gemini, to enable AI and generative AI to help with a business transition.

In addition, Kyndryl will help connect the Google Cortex Framework to customers’ ERP environments. This will soon allow users to get more value from their ERP data in a Google Cloud environment. This is to increase productivity, innovate faster and provide better business insights for new business outcomes.

Kyndryl is also making its new proprietary LLM Operations (LLMOps) Framework available on Google Cloud, allowing customers of the public cloud environment to generate solutions that can solve common challenges more responsibly and cost-effectively.

Proprietary LLMOps Framework on Google Cloud

Furthermore, Kyndryl will offer its suite of data modernization services to these users, allowing them to optimize their data foundations for generative AI solutions.

Finally, Kyndryl will also expand its own AI and data analytics expertise, including training through the Google Cloud Academy for Kyndryl for employees dealing with it. Its own generative AI knowledge for Duet AI for Developers and Google’s Generative AI Initiative for Service Partners will be expanded to better answer customer questions in these areas.

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