Oracle invests 1 billion in new Spanish cloud region

Oracle invests 1 billion in new Spanish cloud region

Oracle plans to open a new OCI regional cloud region in Madrid, investing more than $1 billion (934 million euros). The cloud region will focus on the financial sector and offer more resilience for workloads, security, and AI capabilities. It should also help companies comply with European laws and regulations.

The new OCI cloud environment is the third that Oracle will establish in Spain, following an earlier OCI region and a dedicated European Sovereign cloud environment. The third Oracle cloud region targets mainly (Spanish) companies from the financial sector, but existing customers can also benefit from the regional cloud environment. They can transfer their mission-critical workloads to this low-latency environment to use various technologies to enhance their business data, applications and processes. These include expanded database, container and AI capabilities.

Meet regulations and compliance

In addition to (more traditional) cloud and AI services, the new cloud region in Spain also allows companies to better comply with local laws, regulations, and compliance, particularly those of the EU.

These include the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and the European Outsourcing Guidelines (EBA, EIOPA, ESMA) for the financial sector. In addition, companies can benefit from the European Sovereign Cloud environment Oracle has established in Spain for storing (sensitive) data locally within the EU region.

The latter region is particularly useful for the various AI capabilities Oracle offers, with extensive control over where data and the infrastructure required for it reside and how it is managed.

The new Spanish OCI cloud environment will be hosted in the data centers of Spanish telecom giant Telefónica España.

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