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Cloudera has announced that it wants to take over Arcadia Data, in order to add more analytics tools to its platform. Arcadia Data is a company that sells a business intelligence platform that uses visualizations to make data analysis easier to understand. We don’t know how much Cloudera pays for Arcadia Data.

The Arcadia Data platform works directly with unstructured and semi-structured data, which is stored in data lakes, writes Silicon Angle. The software combines everything needed to read and transform data with a comprehensive set of visualizations delivered via the web browser.

Thanks to the Arcadia Data approach, extraction tables are no longer necessary, and data transformation is no longer a requirement. Business users can therefore go directly to the information in their data lakes, with little overhead.

Takeover by Cloudera

Cloudera plans to integrate Arcadia Data technology into its platform. In this way, users should get faster insights from their cloud data stores and services, such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Kafka.

The acquisition should also help Cloudera to create new use cases in areas such as cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

The two companies know each other from the past. At the beginning of 2017, for example, they started working together to bring the Arcadia Data tools to Cloudera’s platform. The terms and conditions of the takeover are not known.

Merger with Hortonworks

It is the first time that Cloudera has made an acquisition since it merged with its former rival Hortonworks. The merger was completed in January this year. At the time, the merger was described by the companies themselves as a merger of equals.

The news of the acquisition followed shortly after the announcement of the figures for the second quarter of this year. Cloudera was able to exceed the expectations of analysts.

The company reported a loss of 2 cents per share, with sales of 196.7 million U.S. dollars (178.1 million euros). Wall Street had expected a loss of 10 cents with a turnover of 183.27 million dollars.