“Huawei is going to sue the U.S. government.

“Huawei is going to sue the U.S. government.

The Chinese company Huawei would prepare to sue the American government. The reason is that the government has prohibited federal organizations from using company products. That’s what The New York Times reports, based on two insiders.

Huawei would like to announce the trial this week. The company may want to use this to force the US government to continue to disclose its case against the Chinese manufacturers. It is part of a broad action by Huawei to defend itself against a campaign by the United States to undermine its credibility.


Washington states that Huawei is a security risk because his equipment is allegedly misused by the Chinese government for espionage. Huawei has always denied those accusations. The company’s new marketing campaigns are therefore aimed at restoring the company’s image among consumers.

The United States has taken much more action over the past year to prevent Huawei equipment from being used. For example, the country asked allies not to allow the Chinese company to bid on contracts for the construction of a new 5G infrastructure.

CFO Meng Wanzhou was also arrested for violating the US trade embargo on Iran. This week a hearing will take place in Canada – where Meng was arrested – to determine whether she will be extradited to the United States. Lawyers of Meng have sued the Canadian government and police for allegedly violating her rights in her arrest and detention.


Huawei’s lawsuit against the US is expected to revolve around part of a license for defence spending, which was approved last year. This facility ensures that federal organizations are not allowed to use telecom equipment from Huawei and the also Chinese company ZTE.

According to an insider, Huawei states that this rule is a so-called “bill of attainder”. This is a legislative act that punishes a person or a group without a court case. According to the US Constitution, such laws cannot be passed.

However, Huawei’s plans have not yet been completed. The company may still choose to adopt a different approach, or not institute any legal proceedings at all.

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