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Businesses that use an outdated structure, and are therefore less inclined to switch to working in the cloud, are met halfway by Google. As of today, the use of IBM Power Systems will also be supported.

An advantage of this is that companies do not have to move their entire structure, but could do so more easily. Being able to choose the best of both worlds (partly switching to the cloud and still continue to use the current systems) is Google’s main advantage, Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud, says in a blog:

“For organizations using a hybrid cloud strategy, especially, IBM Power Systems are an important tool. Because of their performance and ability to support mission critical workloads—such as SAP applications and Oracle databases—enterprise customers have been consistently looking for options to run IBM Power Systems in the cloud. IBM Power Systems for Google Cloud offers a path to do just that, providing the best of both the cloud and on-premise worlds.”

Some questions yet to be answered

Although Google knows how to pack it nicely, the integration of IBM Systems in the Google Cloud is remarkable: after all, both parties compete with each other when it comes to the cloud.

In addition, no price indication has been published yet, so it remains to be seen whether or not the main price will have to be paid in order to make the switch.