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Cisco is planning to acquire Fluidmesh Networks, a specialist in IP backbone and wireless connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and applications. The takeover is mainly intended to stimulate the IoT activities of the big network vendor.

According to the network supplier, the takeover is mainly driven by the technology that Fluidmesh Networks supplies. This technology includes outdoor wireless Ethernet Radio networks and solutions. These solutions are suitable for, among other things, point-to-point wireless connections, point-to-multipoint wireless networks and wireless mesh networks.

IoT applications important

Cisco intends to use this technology primarily for IoT applications and solutions in three sectors. First, the rail and transport sector for delivering connectivity at high speeds and reliability. This should particularly apply to connectivity with trains and providing connectivity at all locations along the track where, for example, WiFi connectivity is not good. In this way, gaps in data transfer will be filled.

A second commitment is the mining industry. Cisco wants to use the technology to improve communication systems for employees. In addition, Fluidmesh Networks’ technology should ensure that certain equipment for mining can be remotely controlled. This eliminates the need for employees to be exposed to hazardous conditions.

Use of autonomous robots

Furthermore, Cisco wants to use the acquired technology to improve the important connectivity in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Think of connectivity for autonomous moving robots to increase productivity. This is based on reliable low-latency networks.

Other details about the intended acquisition, such as the acquisition price, have not been disclosed.