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Nvidia has completed the acquisition of Mellanox for an amount of 6.9 billion dollar. The acquisition was announced last year.

On the 17th of April, Nvidia announced that the agreement had been approved by all relevant authorities to proceed. The China State Administration for Market Regulation was the last authority to agree with the acquisition.

“With Mellanox, the new Nvidia has end-to-end technologies from AI computing to networking, full-stack offerings from processors to software, and significant scale to advance next-generation datacentres,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said.

“Our combined expertise, supported by a rich ecosystem of partners, will meet the challenge of surging global demand for consumer internet services, and the application of AI and accelerated data science from cloud to edge to robotics.”

Nvidia expects the acquisition of Mellanox to increase Nvidia’s revenues and cash flow immediately.


The European Union already approved the acquisition of Mellanox by Nvidia at the end of last year. According to the European Union, the purchase did not put competition at risk because ‘the companies mainly supply complementary products and will not be able to exploit their respective positions in neighbouring markets’.

Mellanox is a specialist in Infiniband interconnects. These interconnects are an essential part of HPC infrastructure, but are also becoming increasingly more critical in other infrastructures. Intel originally wanted to incorporate Mellanox into their business as well, but an agreement could not be reached.

Last month Nvidia announced the company had taken over the storage company SwiftStack. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Swiftstack specialises in object storage and should help Nvidia expand its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.