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Nvidia has acquired SwiftStack for an unknown amount. The startup specialises in object storage and should help Nvidia expand its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

SwiftStack provides cloud-based software that allows enterprises to manage their cloud storage. The on-premise infrastructure needs to be simplified to also ensure the performance and capacity of the public cloud.

Last year, the company launched the SwiftStack Data Platform for AI and high-performance computing. Nvidia has been working with SwiftStack for more than a year to address certain data challenges to enable companies to deploy AI on a large scale. This collaboration seems to be the basis for the acquisition.


The intention is to integrate the technology into Nvidia’s AI stack, as the company’s ambition is to make the AI software more widely applicable. Users no longer just need to have a GPU or software library, but expect a complete stack from the GPU to the applications.

Nvidia emphasises not to become a storage vendor, collaborations with storage partners remain extremely important. “The acquisition is intended to integrate different storage technologies and promote the work around AI,” says head of enterprise computing Manuvir Das.

The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval, which may take until June 10. Incidentally, the acquisition is expected to be completed sooner.

The news follows previous expansions within the Nvidia portfolio through acquisitions. Last year was dominated by the Mellanox acquisition, a supplier of network equipment.