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Amazon has made its new Interactive Video Service (IVS) available to developers. This utility will allow for cheaper and easy-to-set-up interactive video streams both on mobile and web applications. Amazon Web Services said that the IVS enables the user to stream a live channel through its main console application or any other compatible application programming interface.

Once the set up is complete, the users can comfortably stream their video to the IVS channel via streaming software. IVS will ensure its broadcasted to the viewers worldwide.

A new and efficient system

In addition websites, iOS, or Android applications can add the live streams to their platforms utilizing a software development kit (SDK). Amazon said that the service could be modified to offer question and answer sessions, virtual chat rooms, votes, and polls. 

Martin Beeby, the Principal Developer Advocate of Amazon, said that they incorporated the new features to make it easier to set up a live and interactive video stream. He added that this effort would allow developers to direct their energy on the provided interactive features.

Martin also explained the complexity of building a traditional video stream. He brought out its demerits, which included delayed data transmission and the resulting 25-second latencies for viewers.

Amazon has live streaming solutions

Luckily, Amazon’s technology supports Twitch’s live streaming service, which minimizes the delay between the broadcast and what shows up on the viewers’ screens.

IVS also allows the user to send crucial information for the viewers alongside the video. For instance, an advertising company can input an “order now” button at a specific time on the video, making it easy to carry out transactions. IVS is now available in US West(Oregon), US East (N. Virginia), and Europe(Ireland).

Tip: AWS emphasises the importance of a Well Architected Framework