Nutanix-CEO Dheeraj Pandey announces his departure

Nutanix-CEO Dheeraj Pandey announces his departure

Nutanix co-founder and CEO, Dheeraj Pandey, has announced his departure at the company he co-founded. His departure comes as a surprise to many. In addition, venture capitalist, Bain Capital, is investing 750 million dollars (630 million euros) in the HCI supplier.

In a statement, Dheeraj Pandey, states that he has been planning to stop for some time now. Now, 11 years after its founding, Nutanix is ready for the future and has become a key player in the HCI market, according to Pandey. It is now time to make way for a successor. The current pandemic has not affected his decision, says Pandey. The Nutanix founder will remain as CEO until the company has found a suitable successor.

Bain Capital investment

Along with the announcement of Dheeraj Pandey’s retirement, it has also been announced that venture capitalist Bain Capital will take a 750 million dollar stake in Nutanix. This participation should give the HCI supplier room to grow further.

Experts expect that Nutanix will soon be able to benefit from the uncertainty created by the upcoming unbundling between VMware and parent company Dell Technologies.

Another speculation about the departure of the CEO and the investment of the venture capitalist, is that Nutanix may go private or will be acquired. In any case, both announcements are good news for shareholders. The Nutanix share rose by 17 percent after the announcements.

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