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Google Cloud announced that they are adding new capabilities to their Cloud AI portfolio. Contact Center AI and Document AI are getting lot smarter.

New features are added to the Contact Center AI and Document AI. They also announced that they would improve the AI Platform for practitioners in the Machine Learning Operations (MLOPs) space. The way Google sees it, Google Cloud’s AI features are a crucial selling point for the Google Cloud platform.

Andrew Moore, the head of Google Cloud Ai and Industry Solutions, wrote in a blog that they are consistently transferring advancements from Google AI research into cloud solutions to make the experience much better.

Contact Center AI and Dialogflow updates

The Google Contact Center AI software (CCAI), generally available since November 2019, allows users to deploy virtual agents faster for essential customer solutions. The service sells itself as an intuitive way to provide customer support, using natural-language recognition.

Some of the other new features introduced include the latest Dialogflow (Dialogflow CX), available in beta. It is used in a development suite for interactive voice responses (IVR) and other conversational interfaces like chatbots.

With it, enterprises can deploy virtual agents in contact centers and through digital channels. It also comes with a new visual builder for creating and managing the virtual agents and is now available in beta. 

Advanced functions

A new version of Document AI, called Lending Document AI, was also introduced and is best suited for the mortgage industry. It can extract structured data from unstructured documents, allowing one to do tasks like process borrowers’ income and assets. This is a great way to speed up loan applications.

There are many other features included in this recent release, which will increase the value provided by Google Cloud.