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In a clear push to gain a foothold in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space, Cognizant has made a move to acquire Bright Wolf and push its portfolio further into this emerging industry. The company said that the deal would enrich the existing IoT services offered by Cognizant.

They include developments designed for equipment monitoring, smart factories, connected vehicles, and products that use data analytics to improve safety during the pandemic in buildings. 

At the moment, the financial details of this deal are still under wraps.

The IIoT innovators

Bright Wolf was founded in 2009 in Durham, North Carolina. The enterprise deals with IoT technology and solutions for large-scale manufacturers that range from transport to agriculture to energy.

Bright Wolf works on developing IIoT solutions targeted for Fortune 1000 companies. It is an AWS partner as well. Their services include taking traditional factories into the age of Industry 4.0, consulting, automation, data analytics, predictive maintenance, and offering operational insight using specialized systems. 

The new deal will make the Bright Wolf team the core staff for the Cognizant IoT innovation lab in Durham, North Carolina.

Cognizant can’t wait

Malcolm Frank, the president of Digital Business at Cognizant, said that the combined forces of Bright Wolf in production-class IIoT deployments with Cognizant’s expertise in foundational IIoT tech would make the clients who choose the company more efficient, resilient, and competitive. 

Companies are increasingly accepting that IIoT is the next step. Incorporating it into daily operations, Bright Wolf’s team of senior architects in IIoT has delivered the kind of value that most struggle to achieve. 

Cognizant looks forward to joining forces with Bright Wolf and take their separate innovations to the forefront of industry and enterprises.