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In a move towards a green future, twenty-five data centre operators in Europe and seventeen trade associations have come together to make their operations climate-neutral by 2030. This is a show of commitment to support the effort to curb carbon emissions.

Companies like Amazon Web Services, Equinix, Aruba, and Google, are all part of what they are calling The Self-Regulatory Initiative.

The move has been called ‘historic and unprecedented’ in the bid to become a carbon-neutral world. The initiative was developed in tandem with the European Commission and supports the European Green Deal and the European Data Strategy, both of which want to tackle climate change in the continent.

Ambitious but measurable plans

According to the participants, the initiative sets ambitious goals and measurable targets that will be achieved by 2025 and 2030. They are targeted at energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling heat, repair services, and carbon-free energy.

The European Commission has agreed to conduct monitoring checks twice a year. This will ensure that the plan to achieve climate-neutral datacenters is on track.

These companies’ pledge is an important part of the data industry. It is a safe way for society to move ahead, not just in how it is connected but in responsible connectivity.

Common goals

According to Frans Timmermans, the European Commission Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, the agreement to work together is a welcome first step in achieving the common ambitions held by all the organizations under this umbrella.

Operators will set targets that will push them in buying and running facilities using carbon-free energy.

Frans continues to say that Europeans continue to use technology more than ever, and creating a sustainable future for them is paramount. Datacenters will support the fourth industrial revolution and, as such, must lead the green efforts by example.