Samsung achieves more than 5Gbit/s over 5G

Samsung achieves more than 5Gbit/s over 5G

Samsung has announced that it has achieved speeds of 5.23 Gbit/s over its 5G network. With this, the company has achieved a new record for the fastest wireless transmission over a mobile network.

To achieve this high speed, the company is using its new E-UTRAN technology. This uses 4G networks to increase the speed of 5G, writes ZDNet. It also combines multiple frequency channels for even faster speeds.

Combination of 4G and 5G

Samsung conducted the tests within a laboratory in South Korea. It combined 40MHz of 4G frequencies and 800MHz of 5G mmWave frequencies to send 5.23 Gbit/s to a single device. The tests were conducted on a Samsung Galaxy S20+ and a combination of 4G transmitters and 5G transmitters.

“Through this demonstration, Samsung is proud to achieve another breakthrough record in 5G data speeds, now spotlighting the power of using a dual 4G and 5G approach, delivered directly to a single user,” said Samsung vice president Ji-Yun Seol. “This reinforces our commitment to delivering the best possible 5G solutions to our customers and our ongoing support to help mobile operators accelerate the benefits of 5G services to their users.”

Huawei also working on 5G speeds

Samsung is not the only company working hard to increase the maximum achievable speeds with 5G. Huawei has teamed up with Chinese telecoms providers to set up a 5G laboratory in Shanghai to “facilitate industry transformation”.

5G gaining ground

A successor to the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is already available. Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 in January. This device is also equipped with 5G, although Samsung has shared little information on whether the 5G speeds of the new device are also increased.

The rollout of 5G continues steadily. More and more consumers have access to 5G, and Ericsson estimates that more than 15 percent of the world now has access to 5G. The company estimates that by 2026, this will have increased to 60 percent of the world’s population.