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The company is giving developers a great deal in order to build Arm-based apps on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

This week Oracle announced that it is launching its first Arm-based cloud compute offering on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.

OCI Ampere A1 Compute is the name of the new offering. It is designed to power both general-purpose and cloud-native workloads that demand high performance at more manageable costs. It’s based on the Ampere Altra architecture built by Ampere Computing LLC.

Arm-based performance at the cost of once cent per core hour

Now, customers can run cloud-native and general-purpose workloads on Arm-based instances with significant price-performance benefits. Oracle is the only major cloud provider offering Arm-based compute instances at only one cent per core hour, they say.

The price includes flexible VM sizing from 1 to 80 OCPUs and 1 to 64 GB of memory per core or as a bare-metal service. It also offers 160 cores and 1 TB of memory.

Oracle customers can now deploy Arm-optimized applications on containers, bare metal servers, and virtual machines in the Oracle public cloud.

“We see increasing demand for server-side Arm computing and adding Arm-based compute instances to our extensive portfolio of offerings enables customers to pick and choose the right processors for their workloads,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

“Now customers who need an Arm platform for development can get the flexibility, scalability, and price-performance they need. We’re also making it really easy for developers to move their apps and develop new ones on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

“Ampere instances on OCI is a breakthrough for developers. Oracle’s Free Tier is a great offering that allows them to test the OCI Ampere A1 compute platform and experience the first-cloud native processor that delivers predictable performance, scalability and power needed,” said Renee James, founder, chairman and CEO, Ampere Computing.

“The Oracle Cloud has all the tools developers need to try new technology, get excited about new platforms and develop new applications.”