HashiCorp announces the new HCP Packer is ready to test

HashiCorp announces the new HCP Packer is ready to test

It is meant to improve existing workflows, centralize governance and simplify image lifestyle management.

What is the new HCP packer?

The new HCP Packer, created by HashiCorp, is a cloud-based service formed into a suite. It has been designed so that HashiCorp Packer workflows can be enhanced. Their first service that is being developed is the HCP Packer registry, which is a tool to track metadata in the hopes of bridging image deployments and image factories.

Who is it for?

Security and development teams can now collaborate using the HCP Packer to create image management workflows, which will ensure that images are always up to date. HCP Packer has been designed to support and improve existing workflows. Teams already using HashiCorp’s Terraform and Packer will be finding the HCP Packer quite useful.

How will it work?

The HCP Packer beta will be releasing within the next few months. It will be programmed to work with the latest versions of Packer and already existing workflows. Once you can access the beta, you will be able to use it. HashiCorp is also planning for even more advanced configuration options within Packer templates to be available.

The HCP Packer Registry

The HCP Packer registry will be helpful for those trying to figure out what an image was built from since images are built in different stages. This service will be:

  • Tracking image dependencies
  • Tracking images built using the same Packer template across different versions of the template and other clouds.
  • Acting as a data source for Terraform and Packer
  • Allowing users who want to set customizable and mutable release channels for images.

HashiCorp is planning on further updating this service and including more features in the future.

When will it get released?

The exact release date has not yet been shared. However, those interested can sign up for the beta version.