Intel and Google develop Mount Evans IPU for data centers

Intel and Google develop Mount Evans IPU for data centers

Intel and Google have developed a processor for data center environments. Reuters reports that the ‘Mount Evans’ infrastructure processing unit (IPU) is specifically suited for processor tasks that go beyond just delivering computing power.

With the joint, upcoming introduction of the processor, both companies want to make it easier for data centers — and cloud providers in particular — to deliver cloud-based services to their customers quickly and easily without overspending on infrastructure. Mount Evans steps into the heart of these companies’ operations, primarily aiming to reduce infrastructure costs.


Mount Evans is best described as an infrastructure processing unit (IPU). When setting up virtual machines or moving customer data, the ASIC-based processor ensures that the necessary processing power is provisioned. It differentiates between infrastructure and basic computation tasks to speed up infrastructure processes.

Source: Intel Architecture Day 2021, IPU Mount Evans ASIC Block Diagram.


In addition to a physical processor, Intel and Google are developing software to bring the technology to users’ varying environments. The companies note that, among other things, said the software will allow data center operators to more easily divide physical servers into virtual servers and optimally spread workloads. In doing so, data center providers should be able to use existing infrastructure more flexibly, saving costs and improving service.

Not the first

Intel and Google are not the only companies developing so-called IPUs. Among others, Nvidia and Marvell Technology fabricate similar processors for a similar purpose, albeit through different technology.