Electrical explosion near Google data center

Electrical explosion near Google data center

An electrical incident has occurred at a Google data center in the United States, with three people injured.

The incident took place at the Council Bluffs Google data center in the state of Iowa. The data center is one of the largest of Google’s fourteen US data centers.

According to the San Francisco newspaper SF Gate, work was being carried out on a power substation near the data center when an electrical explosion occurred. Three employees were seriously injured. Google confirmed the incident in a statement to the newspaper.

Service disruptions

According to an overview from Downdetector.com, various Google services were briefly interrupted a few hours after the incident. Although the outage primarily concerns the Google.com domain and Google Search, there have been reports of YouTube and Gmail briefly going down.

According to Google, the outage and the incident have nothing to do with each other. The outage of the services would be due to a problem with a software update.

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