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Toshiba will be increasing its HDD capacity to 40TB in the coming years. The organization promises to release a 30TB HDD by 2024, gradually increasing capacity in the years beyond.

A recent roadmap shows that, between the current fiscal year and 2026, Toshiba plans to significantly increase the capacity of its HDDs. By March 2022, HDD capacity should be stretched to 20 TB. A capacity of 26TB is envisioned for March 2023. Between then and 2026, capacities should rise to 40TB and beyond.


According to The Register, Toshiba will initially deploy so-called FC-MAMR technology to increase capacity. MAMR tech allows denser data to be written on drives. To get up to 30TB and beyond, Toshiba plans to use MAMR technology, which generates capacity by stabilizing bits. Higher capacities are to be realized with Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology.

Disk stacking

Toshiba also invests in disk stacking technology to deliver on its promise. At the moment, high-capacity HDDs are based 9-platter models. 30TB HDD will require 10- or 11-platter models, totalling roughly 3TB per platter.