‘Intel software-defined silicon available from Linux 5.18’

‘Intel software-defined silicon available from Linux 5.18’

According to The Register, Linux 5.18 will be the first version to support software-defined silicon (SDSI).

Intel is developing SDSI to enable and disable features in existing processors. The organization first used the term in October 2021. Intel confirmed that SDSI is being developed, but remained silent on the details.

in all likelihood, the organization is developing SDSI to offer the same processors to customers at different prices. By enabling and disabling processor functions through software, it becomes possible to sell additional functions through software licenses.

Last week, Hans de Goede (Linux developer at Red Hat) announced that SDSI will be added to the Linux kernel before the introduction of Linux 5.18. According to The Register, the addition makes it possible for Intel to introduce SDSI. The release of Linux 5.18 is expected between May and June.

Alder Lake on Intel Xeon

The role of SDSI remains uncertain. According to The Register, Intel is looking for ways to incorporate Alder Lake technology into Intel Xeon CPUs. The organization may opt to use SDSI to upgrade existing Intel Xeon CPUs without having to replace hardware.