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Intel released a new version of its enterprise Intel vPro platform. The platform is based on 12th Gen Intel Core processors and should up the security, performance and manageability of its predecessor.

The new vPro platform consists of design pairs of Efficiency cores (E-cores) and Performance cores (P-cores) for handling end-user operations and applications. The underlying processors can consist of either 12th Gen Intel mobile processors or desktop processors. 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 desktop processors are supported. There’s room for i5 and i7 variants as well.

The platform supports Wifi 6E connectivity and the Intel Connectivity Suite. In addition, desktop processors can be paired with DDR5 memory, while mobile processors are suitable for both DDR5 and LPDDR5. Intel vPro Enterprise entry workstations also support ECC memory in conjunction with Intel chipsets.

Intel Threat Detection Technology is featured to improve security. The technology should detect attacks at a rapid pace.

Multiple versions

The new release is available in multiple versions, as exemplified by the various configurations mentioned above. The most comprehensive version is especially suitable for enterprises and MSPs.