Oracle launches cheaper version of Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Oracle launches cheaper version of Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Oracle introduced a cheaper version of Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. The solution provides organizations with all the capabilities of Oracle Cloud in their own data center, at a lower price and with fewer data center space required.

Oracle’s Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer solution brings Oracle Cloud’s capabilities to on-premises data centers, including the Oracle database environment and all software applications. Companies require a lot of data center space to deploy the solution. Furthermore, the annual subscription fee is no less than $6 million dollars (€5.7 million) for a minimum of three years. Recently, Oracle announced a cheaper version of the solution.

Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

The solution is suitable for companies that cannot bring certain workloads to public clouds due to regulation. The new version of Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer has been reduced from 50 racks of equipment to 12 racks. The price was dramatically lowered to $1 million (€953,000) per year, with a minimum term of four years.

The solution includes all of Oracle’s cloud services and the Oracle Fusion application portfolio. To use these services, organizations pay as they go, on top of the annual fee. Customers can connect on-premises cloud environments to third-party applications through included connectors, including Salesforce.

Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle also introduced a managed version, Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer. This service is suitable for companies that want to manage workloads in their on-premises environment, but don’t require an entire cloud stack. Similar solutions include AWS Outposts, Azure Stack and Google Anthos. According to Oracle, the service is a generic, trimmed-down version of Exadata Cloud@Customer.

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