Snyk opens regional data residency for the EU in Frankfurt

Snyk opens regional data residency for the EU in Frankfurt

A pioneer in developer security, Snyk, has announced the launch of new datacenter for its services in Frankfurt, Germany. This move provides additional assistance for European companies looking to develop safe apps while preserving EU data residency.

Snyk has grown significantly in EMEA over the past several quarters, and the move increases its appeal to European clients. Over 1800 enterprises use the company’s cloud-based developer security services, representing an annual client growth rate of more than 115%.

Snyk’s accessibility to EU datacenters comes at a crucial juncture for cloud technologies and their laws.

Cloud is the future

As a result of the digital revolution, firms from practically every industry are now building cloud-based software and utilizing cloud-based tools and components. According to Gartner, cloud-based technology will account for two-thirds of business expenditure on application software by 2025.

The frequency with which Snyk is used to assess the security of applications, clouds, and codes reflects this dramatic growth. In Q1 2022 alone, its customers conducted 332 million non-recurring tests, more than 400% more tests than the same period in 2021.

Governments, regulatory agencies, and private businesses have developed new laws, specifications, and guidelines in response to this digital transition, and many more are being taken into account.

Snyk is now well-positioned to serve EU clients

Building on the GDPR in the EU, these primarily focus on the many means through which data is processed, kept, and shared. Companies are also increasingly pressured to retain their data within specific geographical regions.

Adi Sharabani, chief technology officer at Snyk, said that data residency is now a significant factor for enterprises acquiring and rolling out new cloud-based technology, whether due to regulatory and legislative requirements, contract terms, or corporate policies.

Snyk will be able to continue serving EU customers when new regulations evolve, thanks to its launch in Frankfurt.

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