Samsung starts mass producing 3nm processors

Samsung starts mass producing 3nm processors

Samsung started mass producing advanced 3nm processors. The South Korean tech giants hopes to win over new foundry customers and orders.

3nm processors are smaller and more energy-efficient than 5nm processors. This makes the processors especially suitable for mobile and high-performance applications.

Samsung’s move to 3nm seems to be designed to attract foundry customers. Foundry customers have their own chip designs produced by a manufacturer. Samsung didn’t mention any customer names, but Chinese hardware suppliers are likely targets.

Competing with TSMC

Furthermore, the move allows Samsung to compete with TSMC. The Taiwanese manufacturer is market leader in the field of foundry processors. Its market share sits at an impressive 54 percent, serving customers like Apple and Qualcomm. TSMC recently announced the production start of 2nm processors, which are even smaller than Samsung’s upcoming products.

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