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New models extend the company’s infrastructure offering for hybrid cloud environments.

This week IBM announced a significant expansion of its Power10 server line. The range of new mid-range and scale-out systems is designed to modernize, protect and automate business applications and IT operations. The new Power10 servers combine performance, scalability, and flexibility with new pay-as-you-go consumption offerings for clients looking to deploy new services quickly across multiple environments.

Digital transformation is driving organizations to modernize both their applications and IT infrastructures. IBM Power systems are purpose-built fordemanding and dynamic business environments, the company claims. It says the systems are optimized to run essential workloads such as databases and core business applications, as well as maximize the efficiency of containerized applications.

An ecosystem of solutions with Red Hat OpenShift also enables IBM to collaborate with clients, connecting critical workloads to new, cloud-native services designed to maximize the value of their existing infrastructure investments.

Building on the popularity of the Power10 E1080

The new servers join the popular Power10 E1080 server introduced in September 2021 to deliver a secured, resilient hybrid cloud experience that can be managed with other x86 and multi-cloud management software across clients’ IT infrastructure. This expansion of the IBM Power10 family with the new midrange and scale-out servers brings high-end server capabilities throughout the product line.

Not only do the new systems support critical security features such as transparent memory encryption and advanced system isolation, but they also leverage the OpenBMC project from the Linux Foundation for high levels of security for the new scale-out servers.  

“Today’s highly dynamic environment has created volatility, from materials to people and skills, all of which impact short-term operations and long-term sustainability of the business”, said Steve Sibley, Vice President, IBM Power Product Management.

“The right IT investments are critical to business and operational resilience. Our new Power10 models offer clients a variety of flexible hybrid cloud choices with the agility and automation to best fit their needs, without sacrificing performance, security or resilience.”