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Intel and Broadcom managed to achieve WiFi 7 speeds of more than 5 Gbps in a joint test. The test was conducted to demonstrate that the new WiFi standard is suitable for solutions that depend on very high data rates.

Above all, Intel and Broadcom’s WiFi 7 test had to demonstrate that the ecosystem for the new WiFi standard is ready for implementation. In addition, the test showed that WiFi 7 is suitable for delivering data rates up to gigabit broadband.

Latency is minimal and new functionality includes carrier-grade resilience, wider 320 MHz channels in the unlicensed 6 GHz spectrum, higher data modulation, multiple simultaneous connections in different frequencies and more efficient use of available channels.

WiFi 7 ready for general rollout

According to both parties, WiFi 7 is ready for a broad deployment, so that both businesses and consumers can benefit from its functionality. Enterprise and residential networks can start taking advantage of the standard.

Intel and Broadcom conducted the test by combining a WiFi 7 access point from Broadcom and a compatible Intel Core-based laptop. The researchers used the unlicensed 6 GHz band. The processor in use was not disclosed.

Ultimately, the researchers achieved a WiFi speed of more than 5 Gbps. Broadcom published a video of the test on its website.

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