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Visibility in network environments is extremely important for network security. Over 80 percent of IT decision makers considered it a prerequisite in a recent Forrester survey commissioned by Infoblox.

According to the survey, there’s a clear link between network security and network visibility. Full visibility allows companies to discover which data is the most important, and must therefore be absolutely secured. Close collaborations between a company’s network an security teams can help tremendously. Ultimately, collaboration improves performance, capacity planning and cost-reductions.

Great desire for investment

The survey further shows that investments in network detection are a top priority for nearly two-thirds of respondents. Almost all respondents indicated that they’re currently investing in tooling for network visibility or have planned to do so over the next three years.

According to the respondents, an integrated solution that benefits both security and network management is preferable. This choice stems from companies’ desire to break down silos between security and network departments. These silos pose a major problem for many companies, the survey concludes.

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