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Atos has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred partner for migrating customer workloads to the cloud.

The French IT giant committed to a five-year collaboration with AWS. The company will use AWS for its infrastructure services, DevOps and machine learning initiatives.

The partnership allows Atos customers with large infrastructure outsourcing contracts to migrate their workloads to the cloud more quickly, the organization said in a statement.

AWS and Atos

Atos said it expects to benefit from AWS’ scalability, security and cost advantages while providing customers with faster delivery and smoother migrations. The company is leveraging AWS’ broad portfolio of services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and Lambda, its serverless computing offering.

Additionally, Atos and its customers gain access to the AWS Partner Network (APN), a range of technical and business resources, including training, best practices, market research, events and certifications.

Atos co-CEO Nourdine Bihmane said the partnership is aimed at getting Atos “back in the game”. The has been less active in the field of cloud migrations than its peers.

Strong message

“This sends a very strong message to my teams that the future will be made with ‘hyperscalers'(AWS, Google, Microsoft’s Azure) and that we’ll have to start developing our services around their platform and not only in our datacenters”, Bihmane added.

Atos’ stock price has dropped by more than 70 percent over the past twelve months. The company is attempting to regain investor confidence by splitting up into two separate organizations.