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Microsoft has acquired UK-based fiber optic startup Lumenisity. The startup develops ‘hollow core fiber’ (HCF) cable technology. Microsoft plans to use the technology to optimize its cloud infrastructure.

Lumenisity’s technology combines optical fiber with coaxial cabling. The cables have an air-filled center channel surrounded by fiber optic channels. The startup claims the combination transports light faster than glass alone. Speeds range from 10 Gbps to 400 Gbps.


According to Lumenisity, HCF offers more speed, less latency, stronger security and proprietary intrusion detection capabilities. The technology eliminates so-called nonlinearities while supporting a wider bandwidth spectrum to offer higher network quality. Ultra-low signal loss allows HCF cabling to be deployed over long distances without requiring repeaters.

Lumenisity claims the technology is especially suitable for industries that depend on high levels of security, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, government and retail. Companies within these sectors depend on large, quick and secure data transfers.


Microsoft plans to use HCF technology to improve its cloud infrastructure and datacenters. This should benefit Microsoft cloud services that require low latency and high levels of security.