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The use of Dutch chips in Russian and Iranian drones can’t be completely prevented, according to foreign trade minister Schreinemacher.

Schreinemacher shared the statement in response to a meeting of the House of Representatives. According to the trade minister, it’s impossible to completely prevent chips produced in the Netherlands from being used in drones deployed against Ukraine.

The issue was covered by Dutch media over the past few weeks. Multiple publications reported that chips from Dutch manufacturers are finding their way to Russian and Iranian drones, despite manufacturers assuring they’ve stopped supplying chips to Russia and Iran.

Household appliances

In Schreinemacher’s response to the House of Representatives, the minister said it’s impossible to completely prevent the processors from being used. The drones in question typically use low-tech chips taken from various devices, such as household appliances like microwave ovens, toaster irons and refrigerators.


According to Schreinemacher, it’s impossible to review all processors exported from the Netherlands on applicability in Russian and Iranian weapon systems — especially when it comes to chips from household appliances.

In addition, middlemen could buy up blacklisted processors for resale. The minister suggests that banning exports of the processors in question would bring most chip exports to a standstill.

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