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Samsung plans to further increase the capacity of its chip production next year. This despite the current economic headwinds, reports Reuters. With this move, the South Korean tech giant is trying to anticipate better times.

According to the news website, which relies on a South Korean newspaper, the tech giant will increase production at its P3 plant in Pyeongtaek. The plant will expand the capacity for 12-inch wafers for DRAM memory chips. Capacity for 4-nanometer chips will also be added to production. The latter chips will be made under foundry contracts.

Furthermore, an additional 10 EUV chip production machines will be added to the production fleet in the coming year.

Samsung moves in opposite direction

Samsung’s move is remarkable. Many chip producers are currently suffering from the unfavorable economic climate and are therefore scaling down production capacity. This is because of the reduced demand for chips.

In an earlier statement, the South Korean tech giant already announced that it did not plan to scale down chip production. The manufacturer wants to stick to its existing investment plans. An important reason for this may be that when the economic tide turns, Samsung can directly benefit from the increasing demand for processors.

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