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Samsung has announced an ambitious roadmap for advanced chip manufacturing. The organization aims to step up the competition with Taiwan-based TSMC, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper reports that the South Korean tech giant recently announced a roadmap for highly advanced chip manufacturing. Samsung is to produce 1.4-nanometer chips by 2027.

The strategy proposed by Samsung is challenging. In June 2022, the tech giant became the industry’s first to start producing 3-nanometer chips. In 2025, the company will start manufacturing 2-nanometer chips, which should lead to 1.4-nanometer chips by 2027.

Competition with TSMC

With its ambitious strategy, the South Korean manufacturer aims to step up the competition with Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest processor manufacturer. TSMC also announced that it will start producing 3-nanometer chips this year, leading to 2-nanometer chips by 2025. Its strategy in subsequent years is unknown.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Samsung and TSMC are the only two chip makers with the financial clout and technological expertise to make the world’s most advanced chips for AI systems and autonomous vehicles.


Samsung’s roadmap bodes well for manufacturers that depend on advanced chips, including Apple and Nvidia. These organizations gain a larger pool of manufacturers to choose from when sourcing their required chips.

Furthermore, foundry customers no longer depend on TSMC as the main foundry supplier of processors. Though Samsung has primarily sold memory chips up until this point, the organization may expand its foundry business through the roadmap.

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