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Samsung considers constructing new chip factories in Texas. The South Korean giant wants to invest approximately €197 billion ($200 billion).

Samsung’s plan isn’t final yet, writes Bloomberg. The South Korean giant is working on a preliminary proposal. A total of 11 chip factories would be built in Texas.

Samsung wants two factories in the Austin area and nine in the city of Taylor. The South Korean is already active in Taylor, where it plans to spend €17 billion on an advanced plant.


Though the factory locations are unconfirmed, Samsung already submitted proposals to the state of Texas. Samsung wants to receive the financial benefits that Texas offers for the establishment of tech companies. More and more tech companies set up offices in Texas.

US chip industry

Samsung’s interest is a positive development for the US government. Some US politicians are concerned with the global chip production’s concentration in North Asia, which reportedly makes US companies vulnerable to supply chain disruptions by China.

The US government wants a €51 billion ($52 billion) support program to stimulate the US chip industry. The US parliament is currently debating this so-called CHIPS for America Act.

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