Malwarebytes buys privacy specialist Cyrus Labs

Malwarebytes buys privacy specialist Cyrus Labs

Malwarebytes is buying privacy specialist Cyrus Labs. In the process, the malware specialist wants to expand the privacy functionality in its platform further.

The acquisition, financial details of which remain unknown, gives Malwarebytes a platform to protect private users and businesses from cybercrime and fraud threats. To do this, the Cyrus platform examines the kill chain for each individual end user based on dark web content and monitors the user’s entire online presence. Ultimately, users receive an overview of all threats affecting them.

In addition, the platform provides continuous credit monitoring that allows individual end users to monitor their credit accounts and collect credit scores in a single place. When there is suspicious activity, users receive an alert and a roadmap that allows them to actively counter identity fraud.

Malwarebytes platform

Malwarebytes aims to further strengthen privacy in its own solutions and applications with the acquisition. Among other things, by giving users more control over their information. In addition, the platform’s technology should further optimize mobile privacy solutions.

Through the acquisition, Malwarebytes aims to become a guide for customers to unify privacy and security. In doing so, they should get suitable tools for protecting their personal data and online privacy.