‘Pressure from Trump led to British ban of Huawei’

‘Pressure from Trump led to British ban of Huawei’

The complete removal of Huawei from the United Kingdom is due to pressure from United States President Donald Trump.

According to The Guardian, the British government privately told Huawei that it was being banned from Britain’s 5G telecoms following pressure from President Donald Trump. Last week, the government announced it would remove and replace all equipment in its 5G networks over the next seven years.

The reason for this decision is to ensure the privacy of network users, something that they said wasn’t possible with Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer would have to close all ties with the Chinese government. This supposed interaction between Huawei and the government would increase the chance of backdoors within the networks, and this would lead to espionage.

The British government earlier only wanted to keep Huawei out of vulnerable parts of its 5G networks, but the United States tried to convince them to take a step further. The United States already banned Huawei altogether, and providers who already installed equipment from Huawei receive government subsidies to remove the equipment.


According to Huawei, the British government informed the manufacturer in a private conversation that the switch to ban the company was due to Trump’s influence. Huawei was also secretly informed that there would be a possibility to reverse the decision if Trump is not re-elected.

This statement of Huawei is nothing short of remarkable as the British government states something completely different. The statement noted that the removal of Huawei (equipment) would be included in the law, to ensure that the decision can’t be reversed after a new election.

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