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Epic Games wants a U.S. judge to force Google to open up the Play Store more to competition from alternative app stores. The game company is taking this further in its earlier battle against Google over alternative app payment methods.

According to the new demands, Epic Games is now asking the judge to force Google to allow distribution of Android apps through alternative app stores for six years. The judge must also ensure that Google honours its agreements with device manufacturers on limiting preloading from these alternative app stores to a minimum.

Continued jury verdict December 2023

The gaming company is building on its jury verdict from December last year with this question to the U.S. judge. In that verdict, the jury upheld, and in doing so vindicated Epic Games on all counts, that Google has an illegal monopoly on payment methods through its app store Google Play, thus thwarting other payment systems.

Epic Games has long disputed Google and Apple over alternative payment methods for in-app purchases from players of its games. Although that lawsuit against Apple is ongoing, Epic Games caught a bone in the Google case, and the jury verdict fell in favour of Epic Games.

A final verdict from the U.S. court was expected in January this year but is not yet available. The game company is using the now intervening period to impose additional conditions.

Google announced in December last year that it would appeal the jury verdict and the next verdict in the Epic Games case. This includes any additional demands or claims that the gaming giant might make in an intervening period.

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