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Partnership with Microsoft brings Splunk to Azure Marketplace

Partnership with Microsoft brings Splunk to Azure Marketplace

During its first keynote at .conf23 in Las Vegas, Splunk announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft. With that, Splunk lands in the Azure Marketplace. In addition, the two parties are working on Azure-focused cloud services.

CEO of Splunk Gary Steele talks about improving “digital resilience” for customers of both companies. “Splunk delivers mission-critical solutions to meet customers where they are, and we are dedicated to bringing together the best-in-class security, observability and platform solutions, all powered by Splunk AI. We are pleased to offer organizations flexible deployment options as part of our truly hybrid approach.”

End-to-end visibility

With this partnership, customers working partially on-prem or fully in the cloud can count on “end-to-end visibility.” The objective here is to increase visibility on a large scale. After all, it is crucial to have no blind spots regarding security. With the movement toward the cloud, it has become more difficult to avoid.

Three Splunk products are now available on the Azure Marketplace: Splunk Enterprise, Enterprise Security and IT Service Intelligence. It has launched within the United States, but in August, the rest of the world will be able to take advantage as well.

In addition to this announcement, Splunk is coming out with more developments, of which the OT-focused Edge Hub was the first new product the company unveiled.

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