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Fastly learns from incidents with insecure websites and launches Certainly

Fastly learns from incidents with insecure websites and launches Certainly

Fastly is releasing a TLS Certficiation Authority service. The public availability of the service comes simultaneously with the completion of the acquisition of Domainr.

Certainly is a Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certification Authority service. That is supposed to better secure internet users by sending internet traffic over the HTTPS protocol. That protocol is very popular, according to recent figures from Google Chrome. More than 99 percent of web pages use the more secure protocol.

Fastly started developing the tool after some of its customers were involved in Certification Authority incidents, it says. TLS solves this problem by requiring domains to be approved by an authorized Certification Authority that issues certificates and guarantees the trustworthiness of a web server.

Certainly makes it possible to create and manage such certificates. Eventually, every website and API linked to Fastly will be secure. To give hackers no chance to tamper with the certificates afterwards, all certificates are only valid for 30 days.

Giving users control

In addition, the company announced the acquisition of Domainr. That company specializes in finding and creating apps and company names. Users are alerted in Domainr’s Domain API service to appropriate domain names that are still available. At the same time, users are alerted about high-risk domains.

So in both cases, Fastly improves its capabilities to assist Internet users with a safe browsing experience. “With the availability of Certainly and the acquisition of Domainr, we continue to empower our customers to own and control what they create and how they create it – all backed by the most trusted and reliable domain availability and TLS experience possible,” said Todd Nightingale, Chief Executive Officer at Fastly.